When I described him as "clean" I just meant he doesn't smell bad

The downside of working with wordies? They don't let you get away with anything. One little slip of the tongue and they jump all over you like the Boston bomb squad on a Lite Brite Mooninite.

I got called out yesterday when I said this: "Dude, you never update your blog any more -- and I faithfully check it for updates every few weeks or so." Apparently every few weeks "or so" is not actually faithful.

I also may or may not have referred to someone as being "doubly handicapped" because they are kind of short and very pregnant. Yeah, that one didn't go over well. Meanwhile, all I meant was that she can't walk as quickly as normal people can. Not that she's not normal.

Oh, never mind.

Of course, I try to give as good as I get. I recently sent someone in the company a note suggesting she correct the possessive apostrophe error in her email signature. Seriously, what kind of an ass does that? An editor ass, that's who. But I only did this after she told me that it would be so nice to be an editor and "read all day long" for a living. C'mon, now--editors do a lot more than read all day long. Sometimes they update their blogs!

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