People in glass doghouses ...

Maybe as a result of the bullying described in yesterday's post, my dog went berserk yesterday at work. Jumped the barrier across my office door and ran pell mell down the hallway, barking and growling at another dog who was totally minding his own business. Didn't come when I called her from a distance, although when I got closer she did let me grab her. She picked the one dog in the building that's smaller than her, too -- an adorable little chihuahua. I apologized profusely to my co-worker (luckily she was extraordinarily cool about it; I'm afraid and embarrassed to run into any of the people who came running out of their offices to see what the ruckus was about) and immediately called the local Pet Smart.

The dog and I will be taking remedial obedience lessons.

You can take this quiz to test your dog training IQ and this one to see if your dog needs obedience lessons, too. I got five out of five correct on the first test. Didn't do so great on the second one, though. Depending on how much I fudged the answers (does "sometimes" count as a yes or a no? What about "when she feels like it?"), she either needs another beginner class or an intermediate one.

This is what I get for complaining about people who can't control their dogs.


Katie said...

Poor little Sadie. But I bet secretly she likes you taking the time to bring her to doggie class.

Gienna said...

Poor little Sadie, indeed. What a terror she is! And spoiled rotten, too. (Why? Because she's as cute as she looks in your icon picture, that's why.) But, yes, she likes school because it means extra treats and a chance to prove her superior intelligence and skills.

So, how was school vacation?

J9 said...

Sadie has the longest dog tongue!