Beltie wins battle of brains vs. brawn

See, if you have one of those dog breeds that has a bad reputation and if your big stupid pit bill chases my sweet little beltie and tries to bite her neck in a totally non-playful way and if your dog doesn't back off when my dog stops, bares her teeth and growls and if your dog doesn't come when you call it and doesn't stay or sit when you tell it to, then you probably shouldn't have your dog off-lead at the beach. And you should not be surprised if I drop a couple of f-bombs on you, either.

And by the way you don't win any points when you say, by way of explanation as I carry my dog off the beach (after she leaped into my arms to get away from your crazy dog who then continued to jump and lunge at her and, by extension, me): "He's not out of control, he just doesn't listen to anything I say."


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