Morning on the lake

morning on the lake

I took this picture at sunrise on a beautiful clear day, the last day of my recent trip to New Hampshire. I posted it in the deleteme! group (first explained in this post). I thought they'd hate it, and some of them did, but some of them actually liked it.

It ended up with seven saveme votes, more than 30 comments and more than 300 views. Seventeen people marked it as a favorite, and it ended up on page four of Flickr's "interestingness" page for September 29. I have no idea what happened or why or how, but I really enjoyed my day in the sunshine.

(I know that if you don't know Flickr you probably won't understand all this. Just for comparison's sake, most of the photos I post on Flickr get about 10 views and only a handful have "favorite" marks. The most favorites I've ever gotten is five on this picture. And, let's face it, that's all about the dog and has nothing to do with my photography.)

Meanwhile, the deleteme! group still deleted the photo, but it stings a little less when people are so damn nice about it. And, since they were being all helpful and shit, I thought I would try the crop that was suggested in this comment.

I don't like it. Bah--stupid deleteme! group. They just don't recognize what a true genius I am.

Here are some more of my brilliant photographs from that beautiful morning (click for the larger images):

the lake life morning on the lake 2

lakewood cottage beached



jill said...

I know nothing about photography, but I have to say that I enjoy yours. This series in particular has a certain tension to it that I can't quite identify. There's something facinatingly incongrous about it. Eerie and inarguably beautiful. I think it's the golden light. For some reason I expect it to be silver. Does that make sense? Regardless. . .fabulous.

karenology said...

I'm a photography-newb, but I like it better pre-crop, also. It puts more focus on the water, and the overall effect is stunning. Post-crop, it looks kinda bleh.

Anonymous said...

I agree, I liked the post-crop hands down.
The photos are stunning in my opinion.

Eleran said...

The horizontal light, with threateningly dark clouds above, is always a great photo opportunity. Well-taken.

Kim said...
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