Things I never thought I'd say #23

My mother has a blog.

When I first asked my mom if she'd like a website for her 61st birthday, she acted like I'd suggested she might like to eat a baby. But she warmed up to the idea (of the web site, not the baby-eating), especially after I told her that I'd do all the work. Now she has a place to post announcements about upcoming art shows, photographs of her paintings, and links to whatever artsy-fartsy things she wants to link to. We're still working on it, but you can take a peek here.

By the way, people, you forgot to send her the usual eight million birthday cards. And she is not amused.


Anonymous said...

I got alot of calls, but not that may cards - 4 so far...and that includes you and P.
I love the Blog but I have many ideas for improvements;
I was busy on my birthday-you know, walking the dog, grocery shopping, laundry - however one of my calls was from Germany - I will have to send her the link to my blog.
Love D.

Anonymous said...

The blog is nice so far. I look forward to more.
I am looking for the perfect belated birthday card - I have some runners up.