dull dull dull dull blury onion

Onion LoveYou wanna see some funny shit? Check out the comments on this photo, courtesy of the deleteme! group on Flickr.

Here's how you play. People add pictures to the group pool. Then members vote "deleteme" or "saveme." You have to make 15 comments a day to belong and you can have only one photo in the pool a day or at a time. Ten deletemes and you're done--you have to remove your crap from the pool. Ten saveme's and you go to the "safe." The best part is that members are allowed (encouraged, even) to say whatever mean, nasty things they like. They even have a thread where people laud the worst comments. It's hysterical.

I am so addicted to this that I've done little else for days and days. I can't eat, I can't sleep ... all I wanna do is look at crappy pictures and make nasty comments. Some strange part of me enjoys getting nasty comments, too. I was a little disappointed that the group wasn't meaner to me on this one. (And you guys thought it was good. Hah! You were all WRONG!)

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Robert said...

I was in that group for a while, but I guess my skin wasn't thick enough. A funny insult I can handle. An ugly (and inarticulate) personal comment gets my back up every time.

Gienna said...

Yeah, some of them do get personal and many of them are inarticulate. But it's refreshing to get honest opinions of your work. The truth is this photo isn't properly focused and deep down I knew it. What's more, honestly, it does kinda look like a hemoroid!