Willy and nilly buy a $5 pumpkin

I've started posting some of my vacation pictures online here. But because of the way that Flickr works, the last picture you upload is the first picture in your stream. Which means that if you want to show your pictures from front to back, you have to load them in back to front.

With Blogger, you can tell your vacation story from the beginning but anyone coming along to read it later will read it from the end. It's a crazy, topsy-turvey, mixed up world, you know? What are you gonna do?

Anyway, rather than try to figure all it all out I'm going to just jump around my vacation, telling stories and posting pictures both willy and nilly. These are from the last day, on the drive through Tilton on the way to Rt 93.

You wanna do what?

I tried to take a pic of my mom buying her pumpkin on the farmstand on the side of the road. I tried to do it all sneaky and casual-like, but when I snapped the picture I got the "memory card is full" message. By the time I'd deleted a few shots to make room, she'd already bought her $5 pumpkin and was getting in the car. (Those are our crumpled dollar bills the pumpkin guy is holding, there, see?)

I made her go back and re-enact the scene and I asked the pumpkin guy if he would be in the picture, too. At first, he was all skeptical. "You wanna do what? You wanna take my picture? What do you want to do that for?"

But then he kinda got into it. Next thing you know, he had his arms around my mother and was pointing to the pumpkin like some kind of an actor.

And by some kind of an actor, I mean a really bad actor:

Picking pumpkins (posed)


Jenny said...

That's hilarious! You unleashed his inner DeNiro: "This pumpkin here? You wanna buy this one? You must wanna buy this one, 'cause it's the only one I see here."

Now I'm all excited about halloween!

Robert said...

On our ride today. we saw a bunch of farms with loads of pumpkins. It's still too hot for Halloween, but it's getting there.