I'm such a twit

God help me, I'm twittering now. For work, but still. That makes three social networking sites, an online weekly column, and this blog. And I'm considering Facebook, only because half my family's on there, and most of them don't communicate with me otherwise (unless they're sending me chain e-mails or I see them in person). For an old gen-xer (not that I'm old, but I'm on the high end of the generation x age range) that seems like a lot.

Read more about my first twitter experience here.

Curious: How many online sites do you actively participate in?


karenology said...

I'm just on Facebook and I blog, but for some reason I treat those two spaces as mutually exclusive and don't really cross-post. I post all my low content "hey check out this link or this news story" items on facebook. sadly, since facebook requires less effort to update, my poor blog just sits there gathering e-cobwebs.

Audrey said...

let's see...a blog i never update, linked in, facebook, myspace (ew, i really should just delete that), flickr...i think that's it?

Gienna said...

Oh, Audrey--Myspace is SO OUT. Are you on friendster, too? Classmates? :) Seems like after a site's been around for a while, it loses its luster. I've been using eBay to sell some things lately and that's totally changed from what it used to be. A lot more rules and they also make you use paypal now which eBay owns. I think LinkedIn is mostly useless and although we use it at work, I've gotten very little value out of it except to reconnect with some people I knew at college and past jobs. I'm getting more out of twitter, but then again I've been on there a week so I haven't had a chance to get bored yet.

Wonder what the next big thing is.

Andrea said...

You should join us on Facebook- it's the only place I update Hailey pictures, because I can do it directly from my iPhone. Our computer finally kicked the bucket this summer and we have yet to replace it!


Anonymous said...

I'll leave a comment ((GW)). Don't be lonely :-)