Waiting for Spring

Wishing spring would come just a little bit closer

Baby polar bear to mother polar bear: "Mom, are you sure I'm a polar bear?"
Mother polar bear to baby polar bear: "Yes, dear, you are a polar bear."
(A little while later)
baby polar bear: "Are you sure that I'm a polar bear?
Mother polar bear: "Yes, I'm sure you're a polar bear. I'm a polar bear, you're a polar bear, we're all polar bears!"
(A little while later)
Baby polar bear: "Mom, are you absolutely completely certain that I am a polar bear?"
Mother polar bear: "Yes, I'm absolutely completely certain that you are a polar bear! Why do you keep asking me that?"
Baby polar bear: "Because I'm f-ing freezing!"

It is so cold here--this morning I woke up with ice on the insides of my windows! ICE!

I am definitely NOT a polar bear.


Anonymous said...

Hey G,
Daphne did not get your post! She doesn't understand that you are not like a polar bear.


Stevyn Colgan said...

Great blog ... I'm a gfrequent visitor but haven't found the time to say 'Hi!' Actually that's a rubbish excuse isn't? Anyhow, 'Hi!' and Happy New Year. I'll try to be more vocal in future!

Gienna said...

@KK--Well, I am not like a polar bear in a lot of ways, actually. Do you think she thinks I *am* a polar bear? (BTW, the joke is funnier when you use the actual f-word--maybe she should try reading it that way.)

@stevyn--thanks for stopping by ... I love to get comments ... and should probably leave more for others, myself.

Happy New Year to both of you!

Alicia said...

Well, if you enjoy getting comments, I should say hi, too. I love your blog, but I'm too much of a voyeur sometimes and don't take the time to comment.

I love the Spring photo, by the way. What kind of camera do you use? I'm shopping for an upgrade.

Gienna said...

@alicia: You LURKER! I thought you'd just disappeared from the Internets. Nice to see you here!

I have a couple different cameras. I think I took this one with my old Pentax Optio (I think the model # was 450). It was a nice camera, but it fell apart after a couple of years. Now I have a Panasonic DMC-FZ30. It's on the high end of the consumer models, though not as expensive or fancy as a DSLR. My second camera is a Cannon Powershot A 630. I got it on sale at a pretty good price and it takes excellent photos. If you look at my Flickr photos you can see which camera I used to take any given pic. On the right-hand side of the photo it says "taken with a (and the name of the camera)." You can click on the link on the name of the camera to learn more about it, see other pictures taken with it, and read user reviews, too.

I'm also thinking of an upgrade--I'd love to make the leap to DSLR. (Hey, a girl can dream, right?)

Alicia said...

Thanks for the recommendations! I'm so impatient, I don't think I'm going to be able to wait until next Christmas to upgrade.