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Tree down!

It was not pleasant to look out the window and find part of a tree in my front yard, but there are so many ways it could have been worse: it didn't hit the house or break any windows, didn't bring down any power lines, didn't hit any cars, didn't squash any people. And, since its blocking the way, I don't have to shovel the front walk!

I called the DPW, but with 4-6 inches of very wet heavy snow in my North-of-Boston suburb, I'm guessing they're a little busy. Be interesting to see how long the big branch stays in my front yard.

It didn't phase the dog one bit--she barely even glanced at it. I wonder what the squirrels think?


Alicia said...

I think my dog would try (unsuccessfully) to drag it away as her own personal stick.

I'm glad no one got hurt and nothing was damaged.

So with 4-6 inches of snow, did you get an official snow day? Or did you still have to shovel your way out to work?

Anonymous said...

Great photo!! Peter wanted me to call & tell you to send a photo of the tree to fox news. This is much better.

Audrey May said...

this isn't still there, is it?