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Tidal Marsh 2  10X20I've added some updates to my mom's blog, including upcoming art shows and sales in Lynn and in Concord and images of four new paintings.

OK, who is hogging the Internets and making them go so slowly today? Sometimes when you're typing a post in Blogger what you are writing doesn't show up on the screen for several seconds ... The first sentence shows up while you are typing the second sentence, etc. It's kind of fun, like a cross between taking a typing test while blindfolded and writing in invisible ink.

It's early evening on election day in Massachusetts, and I still have no idea who I am going to vote for in the Governor's race. I do know for sure and for certain that I am voting yes on question one, because if there is one thing I can get behind, it's "more wine!"

I have a little red, white, and blue pin somewhere that says I voTED. Get it? voTED? I love the lead from this story in today's Globe by Michael Levenson, by the way. Actually, the whole story is great. The picture sucks, though.

I forgot to mark the two year anniversary of this blog, which would have been in August. And I didn't notice when I wrote my 100th post. Or my 300th post, for that matter. But I did notice that, if you count the posts at my old blog, I have almost reached the 500 post milestone. (Edit: Actually, I just looked again, and if you count the other blog's posts, this is my 501st post.) Sometimes I look back through my archives. I have posted some pretty stupid stuff. And quite a lot of it about the dog.

I noticed that word verification on comments is acting screwy. If you want to leave a comment but you can't see the little letters you type in to prove you are not a robot, try hitting publish without entering anything ... sometimes it comes up after that. I know that makes very little sense to the handful of people who read my blog (hi, mom!) .... But I really like getting comments.

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