Lynn, Lynn, city of sin

You never go out the way you came in.

Click here to see the set ...I've been meaning/wanting to take some photos in Central Square in Lynn for a while. It's such an interesting place. Beautiful old brick buildings, lots of wonderful details, rich textures, strong color and lines, great light ... but also gritty and tough and decrepid and dirty. I was there on Saturday for the opening of the PAINT! exhibit at Lynn Arts (My mom has three paintings in the show). I shot about 50 photos in a half hour or so and have posted 10 of the ones I like best in this Flickr set (click on thumbnails to view larger).

Central Square, rainy day

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Katie said...

When I looked at these photos on your flickr site, I just thought it was Central Square, Cambridge. It is much cooler that they are from Central Square, Lynn!

I think you should find the Lynn song somewhere! Or maybe I can when I come back from the big O.