The friends and family plan

I am still working on editing the photographs from Lee and Katie's wedding and posting them on Flickr. You can see what I've uploaded so far on the wedding set page.

Although some of these photos are public, I'm going to make most of the rest of them visible only to friends and family. That way I don't upset anyone who has little kids (no matter how freaking adorable they are) or embarrass anyone who was dancing to the YMCA song in a funny hat.

The tricky part of that is getting this bunch to register on Flickr so I can give them permission to view and print the photos.

Katie's wedding066_edited

There are lots of benefits to using Flickr instead of one of the other photo sharing sites. For one thing, I understand that the quality of the prints is better. For another, you can actually see the photos before you order them (the ones on those other sites usually look all squidgy because they don't want people to be able to just right click and save the photo to their own hard drive.

Basically it would involve friends and family signing up for a (free) Flickr account and either adding me as a contact or telling me their contact name so I can add them. It might not sound that complicated, but we're not dealing with the most technologically savvy group here.

Although, to be fair, I'm pretty sure my mom ordered those bright blue shoes on the Internets.


J9 said...

I was video taped at E's wedding, oh about 25 years ago, doing the YMCA dance and I vowed then to never ever do that again... and I haven't.

Gienna said...

You are so strong willed, J9. Even after 100 drinks, you were not lured by the siren song of the Village People.

So are you going to sign up for Flickr?

D said...

I think I am signed up for flickr, I tried to look for the wedding photos but it was hard to figure out.
I got the shoes on Newbury Street, you knew that.

Katie said...

I will sign up for flickr. That's an awesome picture of the Aunties and one Uncie. We have to get together soon!!!


Gienna said...

@D- Send me your Flickr user name and I will add you to my list of people who can see the private photos.

And there's NO WAY you got those shoes on Newbury Street.

@Katie - I posted a few other wedding pics a while back, too. Same deal, send me your user name once you sign up and I will add you to my list.