The Race From Freeport

You know what's great when you have an obsessive personality? FedEx shipment tracking.

I ordered some things from L.L. Bean that are coming in two different shipments and I've been watching them race down the coast to my house from Freeport, Maine. I love that you can track the exact minute they complete each step in the process. Surprisingly, the single item that I ordered yesterday is in the lead over the two items I ordered the day before.

Update: I just hit "refresh" and found out that the package with the single item is on the truck and out for delivery. You know, for those of you who are keeping track. Or placing bets.

Or really, really bored.


Gienna said...

UPDATE THE SECOND: After a stumble by yesterday's lead, the packages are now neck and neck. The single item shipped a day later was "On FedEx vehicle for delivery" Wednesday morning. Wednesday afternoon it was "Tendered to USPS for delivery." Doh! It was so close, too. It might end up regretting that stretegy. Meanwhile, the package with two items shipped a day earlier has been steadily gaining ground. This morning it's at the local Fed Ex facility a couple of towns over. If it gets on a truck this morning it might arrive this afternoon.

It's anybody's race to win.

Gienna said...

UPDATE THE THIRD: Ok, now even I'm bored with this post. But I thought I might as well state, for the record, that the single item, ordered a day later than the two items, and for some inexplicable reason transferred to the U.S. Postal Service for delivery, won.

Arrived this afternoon.

Now ... who wants to place a bet as to whether today's Amazon shipment will arrive by Christmas Eve as promised?

Yeah. Me neither.

Mr. Fun said...

Where would we be and what would we do without modern technology?