Photo Friday: Tacky

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My entry for this week's Photo Friday challenge. The theme is "tacky." Some people took very nice pictures of tacks and one person took a really creepy picture of some kind of gooey substance. But around these parts, "tacky" can only mean one thing. And it's not a very nice thing at that.

The people around here decorate with abandon for Christmas. This house is actually understated in comparison to some of the others. I've been meaning to get over to Saugus--you wouldn't believe it. There's this neighborhood, which we used to refer to by a very tacky name, that goes totally mental with the holiday decorating. I bet those houses can be seen from space.

The truth is, though, I don't really think that decorating your house with lights for Christmas is tacky. Well, those giant inflatable things are a little tacky. And ringing the satellite dish with lights ... yeah, that's tacky. And, to my mind, having Santa stand in a crèche is tacky, too. But you know what? People do it because it makes them happy and because it makes other people happy.

And it's kind of tacky to make fun of them for it.

(There's no Photo Friday challenge next week. )

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Visual-Field said...

Nice photo, but as for tacky, well . . .

Saugus sounds like more fertile ground for tacky decorations, and in Baltimore we have Hampden, where the residents of 34th St. (as in Miracle on . . ., get it?) go all out. There's a Christmas tree made of hubcaps, snowmen built from bicycle tire rims, pink flamingos surrounded by colored light bulbs 6 inches tall. I could go on and on.