Nahant Beach Photographs

I'm pleased with the two Nahant Beach photos I took last week. The last picture, which I posted today, has good composition, depth, and color. I like the way the light picks out the sea grass in the foreground. The light hitting the houses in this picture, which I posted on Friday, is nice, too. The composition on that one could have been better, though. It is a little cock-eyed, and there should be a smidge more sky at the top of the picture and a smidge less grass at the bottom. I might even have gotten closer to the water and the tipped-over chair. But again, I like the colors and the depth of field--the way the picture's layers make the photo seem multi-dimensional. I think there's definitely a mood that comes through in both of the pictures. And it's actually the mood that I felt at the time I took them. So that's cool.

A technical note: I've been using Picasa (yet another Google product) to post my digital photographs to this site (and to Gienna Rants as well). I like the program. It is easy to use. But the last few times I've used it I've noticed that the image that ends up on the site is not nearly as clear as the "original" in my computer. The two Nahant Beach photos, for example, look very fuzzy. Viewed on my computer, using a different photo software program, the pictures have much more detail--you can see every blade of grass, for example. So when I have half a minute I'll see if I can figure out what's wrong and maybe try to repost them.

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Gienna said...

I did figure out what I was doing wrong, but it will take me a while to fix it. So, in the meantime, enjoy the fuzzy pictures! Gienna