The Missouri Review (website review)

The Missouri Review is an excellent literary magazine, of course; turns out their website is fantastic, as well. It has quite a lot of free online content: including fiction, poetry, and interviews with writers, including some of my favorites, like Rick Moody and Jamaica Kincaid.

The Missouri Review is definitely a prestige market. Their acceptance rate is less than 1%. They have a healthy subscription base and pay fair rates at $30 per printed page. They give additional support to their writers with publicity, bonuses, and prize money. For example, right now they're paying a $1,000 premium for essays. And each year, they award the William Peden Prize of $1,000 to the best piece of fiction to have appeared in the previous volume.

The Missouri Review Editors’ Prize Contest, with fiction, poetry, and essay categories, is one of the better-paying ones. Winners in each category get $2,000. And the $15 submission fee includes a one-year subscription to the magazine. That's a good deal. The deadline is coming up. Get the complete guidelines here. And here's a nice bonus: The magazine is now accepting electronic submissions.

"This is the kind of short story I love to read. The kind I want to write."

OK, today's assignment. Read the short story, "The Rememberer," by Aimee Bender, online in The Missouri Review.

Bender completely blew my mind. This is the kind of short story I love to read. The kind I want to write. The language is so clear, the writing deceptively simple. But the concept is complex, arresting. The story flows so beautifully and the details are so perfect that you are hardly aware you are reading. And, when you are finished reading, you can't stop thinking about it.

Want more? Visit Aimee Bender's website, which is sort of under construction but has some cool drawings, a few short stories and excerpts from her books.

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