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What Happens When You're Not Paying Attention

Two days ago I posted this poem about losing touch with old friends. Wrote it very quickly and felt a need to post it right away, even though I'm not completely happy with it. And then today I got a letter in the mail from a friend of mine. Someone I've neglected, in fact, like in the poem.

I recognized my friend's handwriting on the envelope. But not the last name above her return address. Inside the envelope, her beautiful happy face. Roses. And lilacs? Elegant long white dress. Standing next to a man who is wearing glasses and a dark suit and a flower in his lapel. He looks beautifully happy, too.

It was my turn to write to her. The letter I sent her today was three months overdue. I even wrote a poem about it, for crying out loud. I guess I just wasn't paying close enough attention. Karma or fate or whatever you want to call it decided to give me a little rap on the head.

Different jobs, different states, different states of mind ... And then time catches up, finally, and you are surprised and thrilled but also a little sad to discover how much has happened, how much has changed, how much you missed while you weren't paying attention.

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