Summer leftovers

I kind of forgot I took these pictures of Calvin-Roo in the last days of summer. It looks like he's almost ready to propell himself into a walk in this one ... Any updates, KK?


Some more from that day:

IMG_0715 IMG_0710 IMG_0709 IMG_0708


Katie said...

Hi GG,
No major progress yet. But he will put up his hands and smile. Then slowly take one or two steps. Then he expects you to cheer for him. Which of course I do!


Anonymous said...

Saw the adorable boy today, almost, not quite but I predict he will be by November 8th.
I am way behind on your blog - the Mike & Kitty story got some weird reactions I guess!
Pam thought it was funny - she was trying to look at my blog and wanted to leave me a msg but said she ended up on your blog so she left me a msg with you. ?? ring any bells?

Gienna said...

Yeah, I wondered when my mum would chime in to tell everyone how wonderful I am!

No message that I recall from Pam, tho she might have done so anonymously ... Maybe we need to make the comment link on your blog bigger or higher up. You haven't had a single comment since we added it!