Dogs, camera-phones, and minor celebrities

We met a famous person!

The dog looks less than impressed, but I got a big kick out of meeting Kim Carrigan from Fox25 morning news at a live broadcast in Lynn this morning. (It was their last "zip trip" of the summer). She's prettier than me, and her hair is neater (my hair is hardly ever neat) but I'm taller than her. And I am armed with a cute dog.

Fun fact: The Google phrase that brings the most visitors to my blog is "Kim Carrigan's legs." And before you jump to the conclusion that I am a perv in addition to being a nerd, I don't believe I have ever written about Kim Carrigan's legs.

A few more for your viewing pleasure:

Gene Lavanche and VB--I disagree with almost every single word that comes out of VBs mouth, but he still cracks me up.

I don't really understand the people who stand behind newspeople when they are broadcasting live.

You get the feeling they've done this one before? You can't tell from watching the zip trips on TV, but during breaks they spend a lot of time chatting with people, posing for pictures, and signing autographs.

I love fat girls

I wish I had more time--as it was I was almost late for work this morning. I actually had a lot of nerdy fun taking pictures ... and I think if I had hung around for a little longer I would have been braver and taken more crowd and people shots like this one and the next. They're not technically perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but But I still like 'em.

Dog, camera-phone, and minor celebrity

Dog, camera-phone, and minor celebrity (in that order).


Anonymous said...

How can there be zero comments about this blog???? I almost laughed at every picture because they totally captured the Fox excitement. I really laughed at the lovely homemade signs (the one taped on is classic!)
Great pictures!

Anonymous said...

Peter is enamored with the photo of you and Kim Carrigan, it is now our background photo, replacing the photo of you on the horse.
I agree with KK