Does McCain really think we're that stupid?

I KNEW John McCain was going to pick a woman for his running mate--it's just so obvious that he trying to lure over women who are disappointed that Hillary Clinton didn't get the Democatic nomination.

Does he really think we are that easily fooled? That easily manipulated? It's almost as partronizing as that ad he ran congratulating Barack Obama for his "historic" nomination.

Oh, shut up, you jerk.

I actually wish he would have picked Mitt Romney as his VP candidate. It would have made it easier for me to resist voting for him. Because, the truth is, it kind pisses me off that running for office is still easier for men than women, regardless of skin color.


Seizing Destiny said...

unfortunately many women are... my roommate talked to a group yesterday after the announcement who were raving about how they were so happy to have a woman to vote for now that Hilary is out...
blah blah blah

sad state of affairs

Stevyn Colgan said...

Hey Gienna ... long time no blog! Just busy, busy, busy over here.

Just thought you ought to know that we weren't taken in here either. McCain must have a really low opinion of the voters. It's such an obvious, desperate last clutch at straws before he goes under.

Your forthcoming election may be a long way from us across the water but we small island nations have always been obsessed with overseas news. And we like the Democrats over here - we always did - so pretty much every Brit I know is rooting for Obama.

Anything to be rid of the Bush tribe ...

karenology said...

He's counting on us to be stupid. That's why he's running as a maverick who pledges to "change" Washington, despite the fact that his proposed policies (whenever he does get around to talking about them) are 100% in lockstep with the current administrations. That's also why he's trying to win over those concerned with women's rights and equity with this newer, younger version of Phyllis Schafly.