A short and pathetic update

I have been way to busy to blog, but here are some updates. I think this would make a good Christmas letter. I should start doing those.

I sold three photos at a holiday fair at my work. Two of them sold to friends at a discount and they haven't paid me yet, so those don't count. Here they are, anyway:

Float revisited

I sold the third one to a total stranger for a modest price. Then realized it was a film (not digital) print and I don't have a scan of it and I probably don't have the negative anymore. It was nice but you'll never know that, because now it is gone forever.

This morning I fell in a snowbank. I was putting the trash and recyclables out, on top of the snow mountain at the curb, and some of the recyclables fell out. So I tried to climb up snow mountin to get them, thinking it was frozen solid. It was not. I fell face first, knee deep in the snow. And when I tried to push myself up my hands got stuck in the snow, too. So I kind of rolled over and down snow mountain whereupon I fell sprawling onto the icy sidewalk. But wait, that's not the best part. The best part is that I was wearing my pyjamas and slippers. No hat, no mittens, no socks. That's right, no socks.

The not crazy upstairs neighbors might be moving, naturally, because nature abhors a not-crazy vaccuum.

I broke my parents' washing machine, the dog did the scoot on their expensive new carpet, and I made my mother cry because I lent her my stand mixer and forgot to give her the beaters for it ... twice.

Let's see, what else? More babies, including one whose name I can't put here because I don't know how to make an umlaut on the computer keyboard. Here's the other one:

With grammy and mummy

You can see she is a very happy baby. And why not? It's almost Christmas.

I haven't done my Christmas cards yet and not sure that I will. I'm not really sure where I stand with Christmas shopping. I know I've done some, just not sure exactly what-all I've done.

Otherwise it is work, work, work, work and falling into bed exhausted at 7 p.m., which is why I don't answer the phone when KK and Calvin-roo call. Bad auntie.

Merry Christmas!


Anonymous said...

A pathetic update is better than no update at all. And this one was better than pathetic. I enjoyed the photo above it, too. Anyhow, my Christmas cards will be going out shortly. You can see if you like my first-ever newsletter; I thought it was a beautiful piece of work, but you can tell me yourself!

I don't know what possesses a woman to go out in the snow to put out the trash, dressed as you described. It's asking for trouble. For me, multitasking is asking for trouble. If I try to carry too many things--one or all will fall. Having a toddler cures you of this; there's very little else you can handle when you're supervising a toddler. Monotasking--that's what I aim to do.
Anyway, this blog entry serves as a delightful newsletter; I don't know what else you need to do. You're done! By the way, all of my friends and family are visiting Finn on your blog.


Gienna said...

Yes, considering what a spaz I am, it was a little silly to do. It wasn't even my recylables, but my upstairs neighbors who were away and left their bin on the front porch. They didn't even thank me for doing that or digging out the driveway by myself, only complained that I didn't leave a wide enough path at the end of the driveway.

Monotasking--I LOVE it!