Gienna Écrit

I have taken away the silly Amazon content bubble thingy--which was supposed to recommend books based on content and somehow kept coming up with titles about makeup and makeovers and Mary K cosmetics. (I wonder if Amazon is trying to tell me something?) I've replaced it with a little widget that allows readers to translate the page into another language. It's kind of fun to read the page in French: RCAS' son can say le chienchien, le kitty, pain grillé, en dehors de, camion, autobus, arbre, grand kitty, ours, tigre, and voiture bleue. But probably not in French ... yet. I am trying to learn a little French, as I've been thinking about a trip to Paris sometime in 2008.

Some words I have already learned: hello, my name is Gienna, pleased to meet you, please, thank you, good night, see you tomorrow, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, coffee, non-fat milk, and napkin. Pretty soon I will be able to speak as well as d'enfant en bas âge.


Anonymous said...

do you actually know the phrase "see you tomorrow?" i'm going to need some proof...

Anonymous said...

Gienna, nous pouvons ecrire en francais. J'ai studie (sooo rusty!) francais a l'ecole.

A demain! Alors, vraiment je preferes a bientot (see you soon).

Merci pour tous les mots pour mon enfant!


Gienna said...

Audrey: Alors, a demain? But vous etes ne travail pas demain, so "a bientot!"

Or is it "vous n' etes pas travail?" I am still learning negatives.

RCAS: I don't know how to say "you're welcome" yet! What is the proper response to merci?

Au revoir!

Gienna said...

Oh, and Joyeux Noel!