Yesterday was the company's Halloweeen party and parade. People really go all out, dressing up and decorating "for the kids."

Our group had trouble agreeing on a theme (the majority vote, I believe, was to sneak out and go to a bar), so we just did the 70's. Our disparate group included (clockwise from left) me as Velma from Scooby Doo, The Bandit (from Smokey and the), a pirate (some group crossover going on, there), disco diva #1 (who decorated her cube as Studio 57 and 1/8th), a 70s pirate (see the peace sign necklace?), Disco Diva #2 (who was the driving force behind whatever semblance of organization we managed to achieve) and Roger Daltry, (who all the younguns in the group thought was dead).


Anonymous said...

I think Velma and Smokey win! The others were not very 70's! And G I think you actually had that same outfit in the 70's! Very good idea!


Gienna said...

:) It was an easy one to do, I'll admit. And I definitely had those glasses in the 70s!

Anonymous said...

In the group picture you're secretly laughing at the fact you just called me "trampy."

Gienna said...

Did you see how shocked everyone was at that? They really should know me better by now. And, actually, I did qualify my statement by saying you looked trampy without the blood dripping from your lips.

Anonymous said...

In the group photo I think you look a little like Tina Fey...I realize this has nothing to do with halloween.

Ellen said...

I'm sorry to say that I like the Roger Daltrey costume the best, just for the sheer randomness of it.