Marsupial growing by leaps and bounds

Saw the Marsupial yesterday--and WOW is he getting big! Of course, for Calvin-Roo, it's all relative.

This funny exchange happened while we were out for a stroll:

Mel (sweetly): Oh, he's so cute when he's sleeping.
KK (outraged): Hey! He's cute when he's awake, too!

I didn't remember to bring my camera yesterday, but here are some pics from our last walk. Yeah, we made him cry by dragging him out of his nice cozy stroller for a photo-op and letting the sun get all in his eyes. What meanies we are!


He forgot all about it and went back to sleep soon enough.

IMG_0152 IMG_0153

I don't think we've scarred him for life.


Rock on!

Greetings from Swampscott

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Anonymous said...

Hey G,
You are such the better blogger! Too cute! The pictures matched the blog so well....

Talk to you soon,