What am I doing for Christmas?


And maybe a little Scrabble. Here are two boards from Thanksgiving ... We played three games but, poor excuse for a nerd that I am, I forgot to get all the evidence. The big news: My mom beat me at one of our games that weekend. She hasn't been able to do that since I was about 12.

More Word Freaks

If I remember correctly (and I might not) I won this game. I put down wail (middle left) and then on my next turn I put down mauls (on a triple word score tile) to make swail -- that was a good one. I also did Quite (another triple word score), adding the t to bun to make bunt in the lower right-hand corner while I was at it.

My mom did the nonsense in the lower left corner, putting down top to turn be into bet and ad into ado. I think she did recoil, too.

Word Freaks

This is the board that my mom won -- she did Bailiff (I added the s when I put down misty) and proven and mink. But the best one was when she followed my looms (middle left) with heating. She got the triple word score tile and made glooms with her g. I had planned to do something similar, so she managed to block me to boot. I got kind of confused after that, and kept making mistakes. I would set up plays but forget what I planned to do ...

Our games have gotten a lot more cutthroat since we read Word Freak.

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MoneyGirl said...

Another Scrabble freak? Wow ... so are we. My girlfriend and I play almost every night on - it gets addictive. And it's free - even better! Words like za, xu and qi come in real handy (not enough for when she kicked my butt over the holidays with a score of 444)