What the hell else happened in Vegas?

I should know better than to ever do a "more to come later" post because I hardly ever follow through with them. Plus, I feel guilty writing about anything else in the meantime. And then a week goes by and I haven't posted my follow up and I haven't posted anything else and in fact I can't even remember any more what the hell else I was going to write about my trip to Las Vegas. I'm no longer even sure that anything else happened.

Meanwhile, my friend Berto wrote up the story of what happened to the $20 he gave me to play in Vegas. I was supposed to do it for him, as punishment, but didn't get around to it. His version is way funnier than mine would have been anyway. And it's actually true, whereas I probably would have lied to make myself look better. Read what happened to Berto's $20 in Vegas here.

I did have a funny email exchange with J9, who asked me if I was going to leave something in Las Vegas. I asked her to explain, but all she said was it was supposed to be a secret. I had never heard this before -- that you are supposed to leave something in Las Vegas. But since it is supposed to be a secret I will just say that maybe I did leave something behind and maybe I didn't.

Anyway, here's my last photo from my business trip to Las Vegas, of the view of the strip from my hotel window. It's telling that I only have a couple of shots that are not taken out of the window of my hotel room, despite the fact that my boss keeps referring to my Las Vegas "vacation."


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