The bath as television sitcom

Dear Hotel Guest,

You know the little tube of bath gel we left for you? The really small one? Do not put the whole thing in the whirlpool bath or else it will fill the entire room up with bubbles, and a scene reminiscent of that Brady Bunch episode where they put too much detergent in the washing machine will ensue.

Also, if you drain the water out of the tub in an attempt to get rid of the bubbles (which won’t work, anyway, because they are bubbles, not water) please remember to turn off the whirlpool bath. Otherwise, the jets will spray the bubbles directly in your face at a very high rate of speed, like a lost episode of I Love Lucy.


The Hotel

p.s. There is a service fee for the whirlpool bath.


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Anonymous said...

I am very surprised there are no comments yet, is there a reason you are not writing pilots for future sitcom episodes?