Things look better in the dark

Slow Night

I haven't posted a lot lately, been in more in a photo-y mood than a write-y mood, I guess. (I didn't do NaNoWriMo this year after all.) I have been experimenting with long exposures and other kinds of night or low-light photography. Most of these have been pretty unsuccessful, but I feel like I'm learning and getting a little better at it. I'm pleased with how the one above came out. But this one, below, came out a little dark (ha, ha):

Mistakes were made

Some other more and less pathetic attempts, taken over the past couple of years since I first got my digital camera:

Christie's Neon on Neon Red February Sky Night lights America is NOT too dark (but it is feeling a little blue)
Fisherman's View Lobster traps power of three Yellow skies Yellow skies again Night Sky with Boats 2
signs2 signs 400 family Untitled Bread at Sunset Sailor's Delight 3

Also, my friend kimberkit edited one of my earlier night shots for me. I like her version, on the right, much better than my original, on the left.

Tree at Night Tree at Night (edited)

I would love to get Photoshop (although I'd certainly settle for the less expensive elements version in a heartbeat).


DoubleGrande said...

You ought to give the GIMP a try, since it's free. It lets you do a lot of the things you can do in PS.

karenology said...

That top photo has a great Hopper-esque feel to it.

number4of5 said...

Hello Gienna,

Found your site via Jenn Garrett and I have been admiring your photos for a while. Don't be so hard on yourself, I think you have a great eye for things! Your pics show that you have put a lot of thought into them and I appreciate that. You have a unique perspective and it really shows in your fun pictures. Not sure how much the opinion of a complete stranger matters, but I really like them.

So thanks for sharing them.