Things I love at the MFA

It's the little things I love
Detail of a Fernando Botero sculpture on display at the MFA. It's part of the "Things I Love: The Many Collections of William I. Koch" exhibit. (Click the picture for the larger image and some funny comments on Flickr.)

As I mentioned in yesterday's post, I went to the museum on Friday with my mum as part of my birthday weekend extravaganza (if you count going out to eat, going to the museum, several photo field trips, and a really nice long nap an "extravaganza").

We were technically there to see the Ansel Adams exhibit (more on that later) but we also popped in on the Koch exhibit. It's an interesting and diverse collection of objects, some of which really made me question Koch's taste, others of which were interesting mostly because it was the kind of thing you wouldn't normally get to see in person. Some examples, though I won't say which falls into what category: Robert Indiana’s famous "Love" sculpture (you know, the one from the stamp); two of Koch's yachts, one of which won the America's Cup; Dali’s Rhinocerontic Gooseflesh (1956); some Native American art and artifacts; the guns and such used to kill the Native Americans; and lots of nudes with the predominant focus on the female boob.

There's an interesting take on the exhibit and whether or not all of the things Koch loves deserve to be featured on the MFA grounds and exhibit halls, in the online art mag Big, Red, and Shiny. The author wonders: If she ever becomes famous, will her fuzzy blue baby blanket be immortalized, too? Read this article in the same publication to get an overview of the collection and the criticisms against it, as well as for an example of the best use of subheads *ever*.

Here's the Boston Globe's take on it.

There's also a great article in the Barnstable Patriot about Koch's embarrassment of riches: "Egocentric excess has never been better lit or displayed, and you have only until November 13 to go and gawk." (The exhibit has actually been extended through November 27.) The article also notes that "Koch is an honorary trustee, Great Benefactor, has a gallery named after him and ... we are reminded several times, gave 'generous support for this exhibition' and the hardcover $50 accompanying catalogue..."

Well, duh.

OK, so Koch gets to park his yachts on the front lawn of the MFA and satiate his ego, right? But, in exchange, I get to take pictures of a Botero penis.

It all comes out in the wash, you know?



Athene Aquinas said...

Interesting picture... you know if I saw what it reminds me of... would I be considered weird? :-) Nice blog.

Anonymous said...

I think the picture of your mother is beautiful and particularly because she looks beautiful and pensive and serene ( like a piece of artwork )
And happy birthday. Sounds like a blast. Your belated card will arrive in a while.