Right Place; Wrong Time

About a week ago, I was standing beneath a magnolia tree looking up and marveling at how the pink petals glowed in the sunlight against the bright blue sky. I didn't have my camera with me and I forgot to go back.

And then I saw this photograph by ViSuaLLyMiNDeD. I loved it so much that I wanted to try it myself. I didn't think I was going to get as good a photograph as she did, but I wanted to at least try.

Anyway, It was a bright sunny day and the sky was a beautiful deep blue. But the tree was past its prime. Most of the petals had fallen from the tree and the ones that were left were limp and brown instead of pert and pink.

From a distance, the tree didn't look too bad:

But attempting a shot similar to the one that ViSuaLLyMiNDeD took didn't work at all:

Mostly because the majority of the petals were on the ground:

Lesson learned: Always bring the damn camera with you.

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Eleran said...

I don't know, Gienna - I love the picture of the petals on the ground.