The Gienna Club

In this picture there are two Taylors, a Lisa, a Sarah, a Destiny, and a Gienna. There aren't that many of us out there, you know. In fact, I bet there are more people named Destiny than there are named Gienna. So, can you guess which one of these sunny Midwestern Girl Scouts is the Gienna? Yeah, she's the one in the back with her arms folded defensively in front of her and a puss on her face. Poor Gienna. I want to tell her that someday she will be happy that she isn't a Taylor, a Lisa, or a Sarah. Although I have a hunch that she's already glad she's not a Destiny.


agaffin said...

Ayup! I've learned some of that with our daughter, Greta. It's tough to bring her into tourist shops of the sort that sell license plates or whatever with names on them, because they NEVER have one with her name and she winds up getting upset. Thank goodness for Google - every so often, we'll look up "Greta" and browse all the sites about and by Gretas.

Alicia said...

I love the name Gienna! All through my life, all the way up through high school, I was the only person I encountered with my name and I was so proud to have a unique name. Then I went to college and EVERYONE had my name! The only unique thing about it was that it can be spelled and pronounced 50 different ways and no one can get it right.

Eleran said...

I just want to know why no one told the girl to your right that she had her sash over the wrong shoulder.