An exercise in restraint: 20 photos from my Paris trip

I recently discovered "TL; DR," shorthand for too long; didn't read. It applies to pretty much all of my posts on this blog. I don't post often, but when I do ... holy cow. So for this post I'm just going to share a few (OK, 20) of my favorite pics from Paris and keep the "Gienna Writes (too long)" shit to a minimum.

musée Carnavalet 

musée Carnavalet Art Nouveau room wallpaper and lamp (detail)

Brocante sale in St. Vincent Square. Bought a little silver plate knife I found in the basket stamped "Paris."

Marché-aux-FleursÎle de la Cité


View from top of Centre Pompidou

Jef Aérosol (Jean-François Perroy). Here's my post on Paris graffiti and street art

Even the toilettes at the Centre Pompidou are modern and cool.

This is just one section of the line at the Louvre--multiply the people you see here by 4 or 5. Stand in it and you are an idiot. 

Seriously, just buy a museum pass and walk right in--no waiting. 

Statue room at the Louvre

See ya!
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