Pin accomplished -- succulents in vintage planters


I got the idea to plant succulents in vintage planters on Pinterest, my latest addiction (yes, I'm late to the party as always). Here's the pin that inspired this project. I was snowed in, so it's a little half-assed. I scavenged stuff I already had on hand. Took me about an hour to do three. 

First I took some of the "chicks," which grow on runners leading out from the "hens." I didn't have to cut them, they just pop right off with a gentle tug at the base. That tiny little root in the center, hanging down from the stem, is a good thing. 

Succulents like well-drained soil but this little blue McCoy butterfly pattern jar has no drainage holes. So I used bit of "beach pottery" instead of river rock or pebbles. They'd be covered up but I have scads of them so I won't miss these few. 

You can buy special potting soil for succulents, which is kinda funny because they grow in the absolute worst soil and conditions. So I just used some soil I had leftover from something I re-potted earlier.

I didn't plant the chick very firmly. I put the spike and its root under the soil but the head of the chick is just sitting loosely on top.

The little chick looked lonely, so I played around with some fillers--beach glass, marbles, polished stone--till I found a look I liked.

And then I did two more: 



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