Bokeh for days: Lensbaby Lenses

So, I have been thinking about getting a Lensbaby for a while now, but a couple of things have held me back.

Life is just a sleeve of tennis ballsFirst of all, they're pretty expensive for novelty/specialty lenses. A Lensbaby Control Freak will set you back $350. Kind of like a fish eye lens--I have one, but rarely use it and with varying results. --->

Second--and this is going to sound overly dramatic--Lensbaby photos make me sick. Literally. I'm not saying I don't like them. I do. But the extreme blur makes me dizzy and if I look at them too long I start to feel nauseous. It's the same feeling as being car sick.

Then I saw the Lensbaby Spark for Nikon. It's much less expensive and because the aperture is fixed at f/5.6 the blur is not as dramatic ... as far as I can tell: I've only had the lens a few days and I'm still figuring it out. (I'll post some test shots soon.)

Meanwhile, here are some photos from other Flickr members that I like (so long as I don't look at them too long). They are all taken with the more expensive Lensbaby lenses, I think. I say "I think" because many photographers only tag their photos "Lensbaby" and don't always say which one they used. I searched Flickr looking for ones that were taken with the Spark that I like enough to share *and* that had the "share this" feature turned on ... no luck.

By the way, a lot of Flickr members have disabled the sharing feature on their photos, which means you cannot post them on blogs or other non-commercial sites even in the smallest sizes. Please click on the photos below to see the original size on the photographers' pages. A comment or fave is a nice way to thank these folks for sharing.

Which one is your favorite?

Totally works, even though *nothing* is in sharp focus. Salbjörg Rita Jónsdóttir, AKA Dalla*  
New Year's Wish
Yummy colors. Sweet 35. Dave King

Everyday objects elevated by John Baird.

Leaving the Scene of the Crime
Rick Hebenstreit, AKA Ricko always makes me smile. 

Sunday Afternoon
Lovely for portraits. Victoria Hederer Bell with an Edge80.


Dalla said...

Hi, because you seem to be interested in the various Lensbaby lenses. The top image is shot with Lensbaby 3G - an older model wich looks a bit weird and is really stiff to control. Now I use the double glass instead with the Composer Pro, it gives similiar results, but is much easier to handle,


Dalla said...

ah, the top of the last five is the photo I'm referring to,