Photographs of Lightning Over Boston

On June 1 a storm brought tornados to areas of Western Massachusetts--very rare for this area. I took the dog out around 10:30 that night and could see crazy-rapid flashes of lightning from my house. I shouldn't have waffled about jumping in the car--by the time I got down there with my camera it had mostly settled down. But I got off a couple of pics, anyway. And one of them even has lightning in it.

June 1 Boston-area lightning storm

June 1 Boston-area lightning storm

I've never been very good at taking pictures of lightning or fireworks. My technique is just to point and shoot until I get something that's not either pitch black or a complete blur. According to this article, taking photos of lightning is not nearly as hard as it seems. This also looks like an easy-to-follow tutorial. Something new to learn ...

I didn't find too many on Flickr from this POV, but here are a couple that are much better than mine.

This one from 40 Steps in Nahant looking toward Boston skyline is freaking awesome.

And here's another good one of a double-bolt strike looking from Somerville toward the Boston skline.

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