I wonder how long it will be before someone asks Obama: Boxers or briefs?


Berto said...

Unfortunately, even bad jokes have a long half-life. I say it already happened at some town hall event during the campaign last year.

What brings this up?

Gienna said...

So what was the answer? My guess would be briefs.

What brought it on: I think I was day-dreaming about him. Is it wrong that I find him (and his family) so utterly ADORABLE?

How are you, btw?

Gienna said...

No, wait! I meant boxers! (I got confused.)

Kellybean said...

Actually . . . during one of David Sedaris' past book tours, he had a survey sheet on the table where he signed books asking whether people thought Obama was circumcised. That, perhaps, goes a bit further than your boxers or brief question. But that's a form of flattery, right? I mean, no one cares/-d about W's unmentionables.

Gienna said...

Just one of the many, many reasons I love David Sedaris. I wish my brain worked more like his.