I may have overcompensated a bit

I haven't posted any photos from Audrey and Jesse's wedding because I'm still going through the 2,000 + photos I took. That's right, more than 2,000. At first, I was thrilled that they came out fine--despite the fact that this was the first time I ever photographed a wedding. But about halfway through, after looking at about 1,000 photos, I started being happy whenever one was out of focus or people's eyes were closed. Another to delete!

Anyway, here's just one of my favorites from the day. The "getting ready" pics of the boys have a very different vibe than the ones I took of the girls getting ready. They're a funny bunch.

ninja groomsmen
I took a few with more traditional poses and then I said 'Hey, I don't really know you guys--what would you like to do for a funny one?' They looked uncertain, so I said 'musclemen?' No. 'Mafiosos'? Definitely not. And then one of them says 'Ooh! Can we do karate?'

Note the van in the background--which they call the Prom Queen. (I didn't ask.) They made me CLIMB over the porch railing to take pictures of them with it.

This was a down-and-dirty edit, by the way ... it's still a little dark. I have some editing to do, but nothing major, thank goodness. Mostly tweaks to exposure, cropping, and making black and white versions of the "before" pictures and the ceremony. With the number of photos I took, though, I'm not doing any editing until The B&G tell me which ones they like!

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audrey said...

we LOVE them. gorge!