Little runaway

Little runaway

That’s it – I’m running away. No, don’t try to stop me because I’ve made up my mind. And I’m not coming back! You’ll be sorry when I’m gone! I’m leaving now. That’s right, I’m leaving right now. This very minute. Look, I took ten steps! There’s no stopping me now. And I’m never coming back, either. I don’t care what you say. You can beg and plead all you want but I’m running away and I’m never coming back.

15 steps! I’ve taken 15 steps! Pretty soon I’ll be gone and then it will be too late! 20 steps! You should think about coming after me pretty soon. Otherwise it will be too late. I’ll be gone forever. 22 steps! This is your last chance to come and get me.

Before I run away.



Are you going to come and get me soon?

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Andrew said...

I ran away from home when I was about 5 and did it in much the same style as this little guy. You brought the memories flooding back.