These are a few of my favorite things

Flickr faves 5

Here's another batch of my Flickr favorites for your enjoyment. Clicking on the image above will take you to a page with links to see each tile in the mosaic at full size. There are some real beauties in there -- totally worth an hour or so of your time -- including a particularly impressive view of downtown Boston on a foggy day and the one that is my current desktop picture on my work computer.


dooda said...

What, you're so self obsessed that you put a favorite of ALL your friends in this little mosaic, and yet you don't add one of mine. I'll have you know that my genius is appreciated elsewhere. I don't need my picture in there to feel important...I'll have you know. I'll also have you know that you seem to be just as self-obsessed and twittish as you were when I met you a couple months ago on Cream me. Don't bother apologizing, it's too late.


dooda said...